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The Night-time Beauty Routine You Should Start Doing Now

Posted by Dr Sleep for Moon Mattress on

If I do not wash my face tonight, it will not kill me is something every woman has thought as she collapses into bed after a particularly long, taxing day. While it will not kill you, regularly neglecting a proper night-time skin care routine will eventually catch up to you.

The sooner you develop a steadfast routine, the better your skin will look and feel. Not only will it keep your complexion youthful, but it will also become a way to help you relax and unwind before slipping between the sheets. Here we talk about the proper skincare steps you should take before hitting the hay.

Step One: Remove Makeup. Removing your makeup is key to preventing eye irritation. If you consistently go to sleep without washing your face, you are letting the makeup, sweat, excess oil, and environmental pollutants that have accumulated throughout the day sit on your skin for many hours. This can lead to irritation and clogging of the pores, which can cause acne. Keep a pack of makeup removing wipes on your bedside table for those nights you accidentally doze off before taking off your mascara.

Step Two: Cleanse. Washing your face is crucial to removing the grime that is built up on your face over the day. Simply choose a cleanser based on your skin's needs, massage it in with lukewarm water and rinse. Also do not forget to exfoliate twice a week: It is important because it removes dead skin cells, keeping skin smooth. You can do this by applying your favourite face wash to a cleansing brush, or by washing with a gentle scrub. Make a point to avoid any formulas with walnut particles or micro-beads since they can damage the skin's surface.

Step Three: Treat.  After cleansing, apply a collagen-boosting treatment that helps improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, skin tone and texture. Our skin naturally has growth factors (proteins that help with collagen production), but these levels decline with time. Another way to protect against ageing is by applying a pea-sized amount of retinol all over skin two to three times a week. It is a vitamin-A derived product that effects cell turnover, helps prevent pores from clogging, and stimulates collagen. For first time retinol users ease it into your routine since it can make skin dry, flaky, and pink. With time your skin gets used to it and these side effects diminish, leaving behind a smooth, glowing complexion.

Step Four: Moisturise.  Lock everything in place with a hydrating moisturiser. A formula with hyaluronic acid is always a great bet since it draws water into the skin, keeping it plump and nourished.

Step Five: Remember Your Eyes. The eyes are more sensitive than the rest of the skin on your face, so it is important to apply a cream specially targeting this area. Use an eye cream that has hyaluronic acid to help hydrate the skin (and make fine lines less noticeable), and caffeine to help alleviate puffiness. Use your ring finger to gently apply it underneath your eyes. This is also the time to apply an eyelash serum. As you age, your lashes tend to decline in thickness and length. It is suggested to talk to your dermatologist about an eyelash serum to fill out your lashes.

Step Six: Apply the Finishing Touches. Once your face is ready to hit the pillow, use a bit of Vaseline on your lips and cuticles for added nourishment. Then after setting your alarm and turning off the lights, apply a hand cream as the final step of your overnight glam routine (this prevents you from getting sticky fingerprints everywhere) and get ready to channel your inner Sleeping Beauty.

The Bottom Line. If you want to wake up to a glowing, well-rested complexion, you need to prioritise healthy sleep hygiene.  From there you can maximise sleep's skin benefits by using the right products.

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