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We’re all trying to eliminate as much stress from our lives as possible right? Everyone already has so much on their plate, from paying bills to striving for a social life. So by cleaning your bed, you can exhale some of the bad stress by making yourself highly productive in small ways.

There are many reasons that cleaning your bed is beneficial, it reduces stress levels and fatigue, removes allergens and pollutants, and makes our overall quality of life much better. 


Below, we’re going to take a look of some the benefits of maintaining a clean bed, as well as sharing some helpful tips for ensuring your own is spick and span. 

It's also important to note that each of these plus points feeds back into the overall benefit of sleeping well and staying healthy, which is so important at the moment.


You will be less susceptible to illness

We’ve already mentioned how an unclean bed can quickly become infested with bacteria, so it’s not surprising that sleeping in a clean bed puts you less at risk of catching illness. Considering we spend about one third of our life either sleeping or attempting to do so, it really is worth making sure that our time is spent in as hygienic surrounds as possible, especially in the current pandemic.

Your room will have better air quality

Your bed, and especially your mattress, is a magnet for dust and the dust mites that come with it. In an unclean environment there can be millions of particles lurking, which can contribute to the poor air quality in your bedroom overall. By cleaning your bed thoroughly, you can eliminate much of this dust, so breathing will be easier when you try to get to sleep.



You will suffer from allergies less

Along with the dust we’ve just mentioned, an unclean bed can also play host to all sorts of allergens, such as pet hair, pollen, chemicals, and mould. Each of these can play havoc if you have any allergies, even going as far as keeping you up at night as you sniff and sneeze in bed. A thorough clean will rid your bed of pesky particles, allowing you a peaceful night’s rest.

You will get a mental boost

Once you’ve cleaned your bed, you will feel great and will probably be looking forward to spending some time enjoying your fresh sheets. Additionally, it can be a nice mental boost to have taken care of a task in your home, particularly when we’re surrounded with so much negativity at the minute. Even just making your bed every morning is enough to have a positive impact.



  • Wash your bedding regularly: Every one to two weeks, you should make a point of stripping your bed covers and washing them at a minimum setting of 60⁰C. You can use a mattress protector to reduce the chance of sweat or skin particles getting onto your mattress.
  • Vacuum your mattress often: Dead skin and dust can accumulate on your mattress, so be sure to vacuum it once a month, paying particular attention to buttons and piping.
  • Tackle stains as soon as possible: The key to avoid stains becoming permanent is tackling them as soon as possible, so be sure to keep an eye out when changing your bedding. If you spot any, find out how to clean them quickly and get to work.
  • Air your bed every day: Don’t make your bed right away in the morning, as moisture can get trapped beneath the covers. Instead, throw back your sheets and let the air get to your bed for at least 20 minutes.
  • Upgrade your bed: You can boost the cleanliness of your bed by upgrading to bedding that is designed to keep things as hygienic as possible.   

By keeping your bedroom clean, and tidy you would have knackered yourself out and more likely to get deeper sleep and surely you’ll wake up feeling fresh. Just follow our quicks tips in keeping your bed clean. 

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