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Is Technology Ruining Your Sleeping Pattern?

Posted by Dr Sleep for Moon Mattress on

There is no doubt that technology improves our daily lives. It has advanced medicine, industry, and so much more. Technology is a source of income for some, entertainment for others, and automation for many more. But, what others may not know about technology is that it could be ruining their good night’s sleep.

How technology use messes with your sleep and what you can do about it -  ABC News

Most people today go to bed with their cell phone, tablet, laptop, or television to keep them company. Unfortunately, the result of that can be a long night of wakefulness prompted by the light from these devices along with the stimulating mental activity required to play games, watch movies, or take care of last-minute work-related emails before turning in.

What Is Blue Light?

What is Blue Light? - YouTube

Blue light is an alternative name to the artificial light that is transmitted from screens. Exposure to this artificial light during the evening and at night can actually affect the brain cells that help promote feelings of sleepiness, as well the “sleep hormone” melatonin. They can even stimulate the brain cells that are linked to alertness.

What Are The Effects of Blue Light?

Darkness naturally hints to our bodies that it’s time to sleep. However, this is combated against with the increased use of mobile devices late at night. These screens give off short wavelengths (blue light) which our eyes are a lot more sensitive to. It’s these bright screens, especially once the lights are out, which can cause us to struggle to get to sleep even after finally putting our them down for the night.

Blue Light: What is it and How Does it Affect Us? -- Occupational Health &  Safety

Alternatives to Technology

We may be fairly familiar with watching television in bed, catching up on the latest Netflix series on our iPads or just browsing Twitter on your smartphones. But how did people cope before all of this technology was around? They would read a book (not an Ebook). This is not only beneficial for your brain, it can also ease you into a relaxed state, providing you are reading a book that isn’t too intense.

Stuck at home - 25 books to read in my opinion! - The British Berliner

Overall, we would suggest that you avoid staring at a screen within the last hour of going to bed. Instead, you should read a book or do a puzzle. We hope you found this advice useful.

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