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5 Ideas to Instantly Refresh Your Bedroom that won't Break the Bank

Posted by Dr Sleep for Moon Mattress on

Beautiful, welcoming, and tranquil bedrooms: you sigh over them on interior design websites, and drool over their images in glossy home decor magazines.  You could have a bedroom just as beautiful, just as peaceful, just as cosy, and most importantly, you can decorate without spending a fortune. 

Bring Colour to your Bedroom. If you keep your bedroom's walls and furniture neutral, it's easy to add bursts of colour whenever and wherever you wish. Pick one or two colours you love and then repeat the hues in vibrant artwork, bold bedding, and colourful accents.

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Bring in the Right Amount of Light. General overhead lighting is less important in bedrooms. Instead focus on bedside lamps and other sources of accent lighting to turn a bedroom into an inviting, comforting retreat. And the type of light is important, too—something as simple as replacing an old light bulb with a warm-spectrum fluorescent might provide just the freshness your bedroom needs.


Incorporate textures. Adding texture is all about layering. One of the best ways to layer textures is to start with larger textural pieces. Rugs are the simplest texture creators as placing just one in a key spot can quickly bring a rooms decor together. Playing with different textures will create a chic look for example, combine plain silk cushions with sequin or heavily embroidered versions for an intriguing contrast.

Add Pattern.  Pattern, like colour, exerts an emotional pull that can jumpstart a decorating style. Whether you gravitate toward crisp stripes, bold florals, or classic toile, pattern can be used to liven up a space. Add a dash of pattern to an otherwise neutral room by draping an interesting quilt or duvet across the foot of the bed.

Use Fresh Flowers and Plants. Put out vases of fresh flowers or pots of green plants. Nothing makes bedroom decor feel more fresh and updated than this easy idea! Any living plant can brighten up your space. Adding a potted plant on your bedside table or off to one corner of your room can help make your space more appealing.

Finally, consider adding in a few beautiful objects that have meaning and purpose. a new vase for showcasing flowers, and one or two mementos of your travels or interests. Accessories do not have to cost a fortune to be pretty and elegant. These last touches will elevate your room's design and remind you at the end of the day of things and people you love.

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