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Choosing a new mattress is an especially important decision, as you will spend one a third of your life resting on a mattress. 

Every day you spend digging through countless contradictory mattress review sites leaves you frustrated and confused; where each night spent on your old mattress has you tossing and turning, desperately trying to figure out which new bed is best.

This guide will outline different types of mattresses you will find in stores or online, and it should help you begin to narrow down your choices to find the best type of bed for you.

Innerspring mattress. A traditional innerspring mattress, or open coil, has a network of metal coils that are all connected. This means that when pressure is applied, the springs all react together. This transfers motion, so if your partner moves, you will feel it.

Innerspring mattresses provide less comfort and do not spring back as easily. They also do not contour around your body as much as a pocket coil mattress.

Innerspring beds tend to wear out faster and you may find that you will need to replace an innerspring mattress sooner than you would another type of bed. You may also experience audible squeaking when you move around on the bed, which is less than ideal.


Pocket Coil. Pocket coils, on the other hand, are not connected and act on their own. This means that if you apply pressure to a pocket sprung or coil sprung mattress,only the coils being pressed down will react, whereas on an innerspring mattress all the surrounding coils will compress. 

 This approach allows the individual pocket coil mattress to contour to your body better and does not transfer motion as much as a traditional innerspring mattress. Instead of absorbing pressure, it reflects it, which offers solid support.


 Latex. A latex mattress will have more bounce, pushing back against one’s weight preventing a sinking in feeling. The bed madefrom latex will revert to its original shape very quickly after compressed by the body.

Aside from being eco-friendly and extremely comfortable, latex mattresses are naturally cool, and do not have the heating problems that some other mattresses can develop. The natural open cell structure of latex helps to prevent heat retention and allow for cooler sleeping. Latex that is crafted to be aerated allows for airflow throughout the mattress which, in turn, promotes even better cooling.


Memory Foam. Memory Foam is widely used because of the sensation itcreates of “sinking in” to a mattress and being cradled. When you press your body weight onto this kind of cushion, you will find that it takes on your shape and slowly bounces back once you remove the weight. While memory foam mattresses may be the answer for some, they won’t be for all. A hybrid mattress, with its combination of individually pocketed springs and natural latex, offers the same benefits without any of the cons.


Hybrid Mattress. Hybrid mattresses, like the Moon Mattress Original, are becoming increasingly popular as they tend to combine the best of both worlds. You get the support and bounce of a pocket spring mattress with the comfort and softness of either latex or memory foam.

Typically, there will be a layer of coiled springs on the bottom and one to three layers of latex or memory foam on the top. The advantage of a hybrid mattress is that you can get a more custom experience.


Moon Mattress has spent years designing a mattress that delivers the ultimate sleep experience. A mattress that gives you the support and comfort you need for a healthy night’s sleep.

The Moon Mattress Original is designed to fit all body types, reducing pain points for ultimate comfort.  The layer of natural latex is pressure relieving meaning it is responsive to touch and contours to the shape of your body. 

Our independent pocket spring system is designed to optimally distribute weight across the mattress resulting in ZERO motion transfer.

The air circulation encasement system helps regulate the temperature of your body during sleep. 

When you walk into a mattress showroom, you are likely going to be tackled by an overzealous sales guy who wants you to buy the most expensive bed on the floor.

They will tell you to lie down and feel all the life-changing benefits. But, lying down on a mattress in public for a few seconds under fluorescent light and the watchful eye of a sales rep is not going to give you a true impression of what the bed will feel like at home.

At Moon Mattress you can rest easy with Moon Mattress’s 120-night risk-free trial and a premium 5-year warranty.


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