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Buying a new mattress is one of the most important household items that you will buy – and one of the most confusing. With an endless selection of stores and products, choosing the right mattress is very overwhelming.

Our team of sleep experts have put together 4 helpful tips to guide you in choosing the right mattress for you.


Tip 1 - One size doesn’t fit all

We all crave comfort in our own unique way. When it comes to mattresses, why would one mattress feel the same for a 130 kg person as it would for a 55kg featherweight? The simple answer is, it wouldn’t.
While there is a temptation to cut through a sometimes complicated array of choice, over-simplifying to one or two styles for everyone doesn’t seem like the right solution either. And to make the case that all mattresses are essentially the same, is definitely a stretch. When each of us have different sleeping positions, varied weights and builds, potentially different sleeping and health issues, the idea that one mattress can be designed to fit everyone doesn’t really make sense. How could 25 cm of foam feel the same with different weights and pressures applied?
Sometimes, a stretch of the imagination and some clever marketing can have us doing spontaneous things, and before you know you’re convincing yourself that this ‘one mattress’ must be the answer. But before buying into this, consider your unique differences….what makes you YOU?

Tip 2 - Think about what makes you different

Not only are we differentiated by our physical traits, we also have different preferences in the way we sleep that may influence the type of mattress, pillow profile or type of bedding we will prefer. The same way some of us lay sprawled, or curled up snug as a bug, some of us are side sleepers, stomach sleepers, back sleepers or a combination.
Once you’ve determined which style of sleeper you are (generally done by noting what position you fall asleep and wake up in) and what level of comfort you prefer (from firm to plush) then you may be able to use this info in your search for the right mattress. It’s highly likely too, that your preferences will differ to those of your partner. Luckily, an offering to sleep in the Moon Mattress range offers a Great sleep through our technology.

Tip 3 - Have a budget in mind

Whether you like it or not, any big decision (like the decision on how to spend every night for 7-10 years or approximately 23,360 hours of your life) requires research and preparation. Go into the process having researched the types of mattresses you’re interested in, how much you want to spend, and having set yourself a budget. Without this, you may risk overspending. At the same time, don’t compromise and try to buy the best you can afford. You really want to like this mattress - you’ll be spending a lot of time together.


Tip 4 - Take it personally

Selecting a mattress is a very personal and subjective experience. Only you will know what kind of mattress feels right for your body. If you’re curious about the difference in ‘feel’ between a mattress with inner springs, or a memory foam mattress, ensure you try both, and ask staff to explain the differences. Asking yourself a few questions before you even get to the ‘testing’ stage will prepare you for those initial conversations.
  1. What do I like best (and least) about my current mattress?
  2. Do I prefer my sleep surface to firm (like I’m not going anywhere) or do I prefer a pillowy soft (just like a cloud) sleep experience?
  3. What are the ‘must haves’ in this new bed of mine.
Try everything that interests you after having done your research. Consider features such as memory foam that may contour to your body shape, or the support of pocket springs, or the comfort of gel layers. Even think about hypoallergenic fabrics (if you have allergies), and the durability, or ease of care of certain materials.
Our Moon Mattress offers Hypo-Allergenic with anti-mite and anti-allergy properties designed to keep those sniffles away. Phew! We are also concerned about our customers Spine Alignment - The natural latex layer in our Moon mattress is firm, to push back and respond to your body weight in order to offer equal and comfortable support throughout your body. The benefit of this comes in with optimal spine alignment. A mattress is an important investment that can affect your health, so take the time to find the mattress that is right for you.

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