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Tricks to Cool Down a Room and Sleep in the Heat

Posted by Dr Sleep for Moon Mattress on

Sleep is an important part of restoring the body, but sometimes external factors can interfere with our ability to get to sleep and with our quality of sleep. Trying, but failing, to sleep in the heat or feeling overheated due to an airless or stuffy room can be really exhausting, so let’s find out how heat can impact your sleep and what you can do to stop it.

Sleeping with a fan on is actually a really bad idea

What is a Hot Sleeper?

A hot sleeper is someone who feels uncomfortably warm in bed and will wake up numerous times in the night. If you’re a hot sleeper you could be at risk of suffering insomnia due to your inability to get a full night’s sleep. Therefore, if you feel like you’re a hot sleeper, the following tips could help you get better cooling sleep tonight.

How to Sleep in the heat?

Try natural bedding

To avoid sweating during the heat of the night, try sheets, duvet covers, and pillowcases made from cotton, silk, linen, or other breathable materials. Synthetic materials such as polyester do the opposite — they make you sweat, so before you buy a new set of bed linen, or when deciding what bedspread to use during warmer temperatures, it’s a good idea to check the label for the list of fabric fibres.

Top 5 Tips for a Cool Night's Sleep | Au Lit Fine Linens

Find the right mattress and pillow

If you’re prone to night sweats and overheats in bed regardless of high temperatures, it might be worth investing in a different mattress and pillow.

Mattresses made from dense foam absorb heat, whereas cooling mattresses made with hydrophilic fibres and vents will regulate your body temperature and help you keep cool during the night. Cooling pillows are also a necessity if you have difficulty sleeping in the heat.

Alternative Down King Pillow Firm 36 Oz

Keep your bedroom dark.

Blocking out the sunlight by closing your curtains or blinds closed throughout the day will keep your room cooler. Blackout blinds are best for making sure the heat from the sun won’t creep its way in and radiate through your windows. Light levels are one of the main factors in circadian rhythm regulation, if not the main one. A dark room will not only keep you cool but will also ensure you improve your quality of sleep, mood, and general wellness.

How colour, light and noise affect how you sleep

Turn off electronics

Electronic devices cause energy to flow into the air, so removing electronics from your bedroom that emit light and heat will also help. Of course, if you’re getting ready for bed or reading in bed, you can’t have complete darkness, so in this case, you should stay away from blue light emitted from electronics or LED lights. Use dim or red lights, which will encourage sleep, instead.

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With the help of our tips you can beat the heat and keep cool while sleeping.

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